How to keep mice out of my garden

Mice are among those animals which scares the other person when found near the house or in the house.

Mice creep into the garden due to the following reasons:

Keeping trash away from the house

  • This is one of the best solutions available for keeping the mice away from the garden. Trash is an area where mice can attack at any time during the day or night and can stay for longer hours.
  • If the trash is not removed on time from the nearby locality or your house, the mice will be invaded in the house and can cause many diseases to the people.
  • Always try to throw the trash in the bin and close the lid properly or the trash bin can be keep far away from the house.

Cut the grass

  • Mice can also live in the grass bushes which are longer than usual. A person will come to know about it only if he walks in those bushes and steps on the mouse. So, it is always recommended to cut the bushes on fortnightly basis so that there are no chances of mouse entering the garden area even.

Removing shelter area

  • Mice live in the shades and can make a complete nest there in the garden inside the tall grass or the wood piles.
  • Avoid keeping large stacks of plants in the garden after they are cut.
  • Always chop off the grass on time. If you want to keep the pile in the garden, make it less attractive.

Removing bird feeders or food supplies

  • If you have kept some food supplies in the garden for the birds also, try to keep them out of the garden, as the mouse can attack and eat them at any time.
  • Try to put the bird food in a metal container so there are fewer chances of mice gnawing the container for eating the food.

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